The famous portal 123Movies for movies, streaming and documentaries in Blu-ray quality, as well as programs, discographies, operating systems, electronic books, which was updated every day, was the new objective of the authorities as it was massively blocked. This measure affected both the original domain and the list of official proxies. With this massive block, it is impossible to access from a IP addresses, although many users access through a VPN network, simulating a different location and being able to circumvent the block.

About 123Movies

The authorities have intensified the blocks to the streaming pages of pirated series and movies. In recent times they have managed to close this platform, one of the most popular P2P file-sharing websites , in which an extensive catalog with the best movies on the movie billboard, as well as the best series, was made available to users Fashion.

This 123Movies portal has been closed by a court order, adding to the list of pirate or illegal streaming websites that have been blocked to date.

His domain 123Movies.com was closed on July 10, the day in which users could only read a sign that read: "This domain has been seized through a court order . "

It is worth noting that this page had become a reference for those who needed current content through BitTorrent files, reaching number 20, becoming the most visited site in the world, being in the top above domains like eBay .

The closure of this page is a hard blow, framed in the police actions to eradicate all the pages and websites for downloading and disseminating content protected by copyright through links on P2P networks. All the offensive actions by the Civil Guard have intensified this year with the so-called Cascada operation , achieving the closure of 23 pages for downloading pirated content.

The best alternatives to 123Movies that are still valid in 2021

But do not think that the closure of 123Movies is the end of the downloads of movies and streaming, since today there are still similar platforms that are mentioned below.


This first alternative that many knew as 123Movies, is a portal with many similarities to 123Movies and similar pages. Here you can stream:

123Movies has a very complete database with all those files that are the missing link in other download portals.


Many users claim that this is the best alternative when 123Movies does not work. 123Movies has the most complete database with titles of Movies, feature Movies, series and documentaries.

Best of all, most of the links to 123Movies are in HD quality and with subtitles. We can also find content in english and of course, the original version.

Despite the fact that it has been blocked, the page can currently be accessed through the free proxies offered by the portal.

In addition, you do not have to worry about the different types of content since you will find the same titles as on other platforms, also including games and computer programs.


If your thing is to stream movies, streaming and audiovisual material in general, 123Movies is another site that can be installed on Windows, macOS and Linux.

However, users have complained that the content is only in English. In return, you will find that everything has HD quality and with Spanish subtitles.

One of the advantages of Popcorn Time is that it is positioned as one of the best programs for playing and downloading video files, streaming in real time without waiting of any kind, operating in a similar way to Netflix and HBO .

As if that were not enough, it has an Android application that you can stream from the page itself.


This alternative is presented as one of the oldest streaming portals on the Internet. The origins of 123Movies are 100% english, therefore, it has a list of movie titles in english, series, music, movies, short Movies and even programs with the best quality or with subtitles that has nothing to envy other streaming pages of torrents.

Unfortunately, the inserted advertising is extremely uncomfortable when navigating the page, but if you activate the ad blocker you will have everything solved.


If you are looking for a safe and reliable alternative when downloading anime, 123Movies is the best option, since it focuses on series from China, Japan and South Korea.

One of the most important benefits is that a large part of its content is subtitled in Spanish, in HD quality and in MKV and MP4 formats.


This web portal has had a dizzying growth in recent years. This is due to its fast and simple interface which allows you to access the latest 123Movies without wasting time.

At rarbg.org you can stream the latest in terms of:

All with qualities ranging from 720p to 2160p. So do not hesitate to enter this portal if you want to enjoy a movie or series with the highest image quality and in its original version. They also have a section for computer games and another for adult content.


Although this site does not have any extravagant advertising, it is presented as one of the options when 123Movies does not work.

Like any streaming portal you will find the premieres of television series and horror movies , comedies, musicals ... but also, 123Movies Torrents is the ideal place to download programs, tools and electronic books.

Its only point against it is that the database of its available titles is not that extensive, but you can find well-known movies and series from 2019 and earlier.


This portal is the grandfather of all portals because it is one of the oldest on the internet, being active for more than 10 years while still being one of the best alternatives when downloading torrent content.

123Movies has a latest downloads section that allows its users to access the latest billboard releases quickly and easily. One of its virtues is the extensive and complete database of titles and available content. If so many titles that it is possible that some are no longer available due to their old data.


This portal has a database with the latest movies on the billboard, but with the benefit that their downloads occupy the smallest possible size. With 123Movies you can stream movies in 720p and 1080p quality that occupy between 700 megabytes and 1.2 gigabytes.

As if that were not enough, you will find old titles with the same compression. But not only is the image quality of high quality, but also the sound quality is stereo with bitrates below 192 Kbps.


This site works as a meta-search engine, providing users with results from more than 60 torrent file sites. It is for this reason that Torrentz2 offers the content you are looking for quickly and easily . By being able to search the database of more than 60 websites, the search will return different results and in different qualities, giving the user the opportunity to choose the option that best suits him.

123Movies is a streaming site characterized by the way it organizes movies, based on their popularity. The organization of the series is different since it organizes them in the form of posts. The browsing experience is pleasant due to its simplicity and comfort.

Thanks to the internal search engine you can find everything you are looking for very quickly. This site has a Feed for RSS managers, so you will find out in real time about the latest news coming to the web.

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